Manufacturers’ battle of services is commencing.

what's the scoop?

Cool scoop!

Let me start off with a scoop – there’s a new smartphone heading in your way VERY soon, before the holiday season will start, the phone would be a quad-band phone, supporting all major networks in your region, it will support 4g LTE, sport an HD screen sized 4.5’’ touch screen (probably more) with an amazing screen showing blacks deeper then you ever seen, naturally – corning a gorilla glass with touch hardware buttons, it will be a dual-core device and will have big storage and 1 GB RAM.
As for connectivity – Wi-Fi (a/b/g/n), Bluetooth 4+AD2P and GPS, it will own a front-facing camera and an 8MP back camera with dual led flash that will produce the sharpest pictures you’ve ever seen!
Naturally it’ll have an accelerometer, proximity sensor and a compass and a dedicated GPU chip.
The amazing piece of hardware will be wrapped in a black rectangular casing (possibility for rounded edges) made by the best of the designer the manufacturer could round up.

Sounds hot – right? This device will be available in stores by the holiday season, or already is, I have just went through several of the hottest/more anticipated[1] high-end smartphones on the market and they all had the same base specs[2][3][4][5] (OK, minus the Motorola’s screen, but he was announce at the beginning of this year), sure there are hardware differences between the devices that avid readers might call out such as Samsung’s SD slot, Lumia’s “Pureview” camera, iPhone’s gyro and Motorola’s battery however, these things have very little (if any) impact on performance or usability and to be honest – I have never heard a regular customer says “oh – but this device’s battery is smaller” or “I will need more space”.

There are currently 2 major things that make a sale:

  1. OS, which is understandable as some people actually paid for apps on their mobile phone and no one likes to have the feeling you get after throwing your money to the trash
  2. Brand: I get a lot “I love Nokia – they always made cheap phones that are stronger then titanium” or “Apple is really easy to work with” or even “you can’t go wrong with Motorola, they always made phones with great call quality”
The new hammer of Thor

It doesn’t shoot lightning, but this ‘snake’ is a worthy foe!

So combining these 2 things together, we get the fact that all premium phones are pretty much similar with differences to minor to matter and consumers derived by emotions from way back, this situation Is pretty much good for the customers, us, it’s not optimal as once you “pinned” yourself to an OS you are very unlikely to make a switch but you are still very much free to switch from one manufacturer to another relatively freely, and the bad news are… manufacturers are starting to pick up on this little gem.

A quick word on Apple – the OS can run only on a self-made hardware so they will stay out of this specific discussion, from the others however – Samsung and Nokia, the 2 manufacturers with the largest vision in my eyes, and the only ones that ever tried to put up an OS in the smartphone battle, have decided to move the battle of hardware manufacturers to be played on the field of services rather than relying on the strength of the OS running them,
Samsung hit it off pretty well going on with S-Voice and the sharing capabilities between Samsung phones as well as the big size dropbox, these are all things you might be missing even if you move to a different hardware manufacturer (regardless of staying with the current OS or not).
Nokia , went way too far with their phone up to a point where they ticked MS off by virtually replacing almost any service Windows Phone provides, let it be the basic camera app, the ZUNE music service or even the maps (eventually will replace BING maps on WP8),.
HTC have already bought the Beats Company in order to give another service to their users other than their own SENSE UI which is still praised as one of the more intuitive UIs for android users.

The missing piece - service

Completing the OS experience?

Slowly but surely we see that just like the OS were trying to differentiate themselves from each other – so does the hardware manufacturers are working hard to offer a unique feel and experience on their devices in order to “lock” customers in this fast-paced world where changing a device every 2 years is considered a standard.

This poses an interesting and new point of view to the question “so which smartphone should I get?” on every article you’ll see around you will see the writer referencing to hardware and OS and will wrap it up with “whatever you think is best for you”, well, the wrapping will not change much but there are some more things to consider now that you are choosing your smartphone that no one have touched before – and this will be the starting point of the next post here in POnline-Space so stay tuned – it’s about to become even more interesting!


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